West Coast Exhibit Services, Inc. is a full service custom exhibit and fabrication firm located in the hub of Southern California’s major convention cities: Long Beach, Anaheim, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach. We have over 20 years of experience in the exposition and tradeshow industry. In the early years, founder Michael Taylor, focused on quick set up and tear down displays. He realized the customer takes the entire event with them as the marketing experience. He envisioned his client’s custom exhibits to be one of a kind displays. Unique design paired with strong identifiable company images set his clients as unparalleled companies with their product or service. West Coast Exhibit Service, Inc. understands that today’s climate requires maximum efficiency and attention to detail. We offer innovation, technology and hands on management to bring the face-to-face customer experience to reality.

Customer Loyalty

West Coast Exhibit Services, Inc is a client-centered company dedicated to creating and managing quality products and service. When beginning a project for our clients, we define our client’s vision and customer base. We aesthetically design the marketing arena to succeed using technology, innovation and creativity. Ultimately, we deliver and manage the exhibit from set up to dismantle. Then we look for feedback to improve the entire presentation. For when our clients engage their customers in face-to-face marketing, we have succeeded in bringing the vision to reality. Our pride is in our client’s success.